*Platters include two 5 oz. sides & (1 piece) corn bread
Memphis Style Rib Platters
(Served wet or Memphis dry)
1/2 Slab Ribs $17.24Order
Full Slab Ribs $25.49Order
3 Bone $10.65Order
Rib Sampler $7.89Order
Just Ribs
Smokehouse Dixie Chicken Platters
1/4 Chicken Dark $8.86Order
Leg & Thigh
1/4 Chicken White $9.86Order
Wing & Breast
1/2 Chicken $13.64Order
Leg, Thigh, Wing & Breast
BBQ Combo Plattes
Betty’s Memphis Double $25.22Order
Half Slab Memphis Style Ribs -n- your choice of ONE BBQ meat
Grandpa Guy’s Trifecta $31.80Order
Half Slab Memphis Style Ribs -n- your choice of TWO BBQ meats
Hot Boxes
Hot Boxes $15.00Order
Semi disposable food carrier designed to accommodate large foil pans. Kept closed they can keep food hot for hours.
Allergy Restrictions:
All of Andy’s food is gluten-free (with the exception of the cornbread, rolls, apple cake, stewed tomatoes, macaroni & cheese and desserts) and peanut oil free. Dixie Spice contains MSG Derived from Corn.